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LANAP® Laser Treatment

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Patients in need of gum disease treatment in Yardley, PA can see Dr. Edward Marcus about the new LANAP(R)(Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) procedure. LANAP(R) is the only FDA cleared laser gum surgery on the market. It's effectiveness has been proven through years of extensive studies and research. With the advent of the PerioLase(R) MVP-7(TM) we now have the ability to remove bacteria without causing damage to healthy portions of the mouth.

Whereas traditional gum disease treatment involve the cutting and sewing of the gums, LANAP(R) uses a laser to remove bacteria without harming the healthy tissue. The result is less pain, less bleeding, and reduced healing time. Quite often, laser gum surgery is able to save teeth that may otherwise have needed removal. This is because instead of removing tissue and hurting bone the way traditional gum disease treatment does, LANAP(R) actually promote regeneration and helps your teeth heal. To put it simply, LANAP(R) laser gum surgery is widely regarded as the highest standard for gum disease treatment in the industry.

LANAP(R) has a number of benefits over traditional gum disease treatment. These include:

  • Faster healing – Laser gum disease treatment is minimally invasive and actually causes blood to clot and create a safe healing environment
  • Less pain - LANAP(R) does not cut or stitch the gums like traditional gum disease treatment does. The result is less pain and less discomfort.
  • Shorter recovery time – laser gum disease treatment typically does not require the prescription of pain medication. Patients can usually go right back to the daily routine the very same day.
  • Little to no recession of the gum line – Because very little tissue is removed, there is almost no recession of the gum line occurring.
  • Less bleeding – Because the laser is used to clot the blood, very little bleeding occurs.
  • Healthier teeth – LANAP(R) actually helps to promote bone and tissue regeneration. This way, teeth are saved which might have otherwise been deemed hopeless.

Once LANAP(R) gum disease treatment is completed, you must maintain good oral health. Daily flossing along with regular professional cleanings are recommended.

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